Monday, May 19, 2008

An Obama Poem

From a series of process/text manipulation-oriented poems I'm working on:

(emotional support)
Or, to make up for a politician's own failings.

Enraged mobs dissolved the stereotype of the grinning
and scare my wife when I'm not home.
He is a man who served his country
- we did that -
these several interrelated aspects
we pass on to our two precious daughters.
And ten community centers through
the new processes are now intellectually
to the point that it distorts reality.
And he does not bring up a specific issue.
He faced the bullies and the guns
standing on the front stoop.

I started this series when asked to make poems for an Obama rally. Now that I see how the process is working out, it's probably just as well that they didn't get done on time.

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