Thursday, July 3, 2008

A-Trak, take one

I was just listening to the Aural Exciters' "Marathon Runner" from Kid Creole's The August Darnell Years, and I'm not sure which would motivate me to exercise more - the cooing of disco dollies or the percolating beats of A-Trak's "Running Man," the latest in the series of 45-minute workout soundtracks commissioned by Nike. Since I need an oxygen tank at second base if I try to leg out a double in softball, I'm not going to put either track to the test.

I'm interested in A-Trak's mix, but I haven't listened to it for longer than 15 or so minutes yet so I'm not ready to pass judgment yet. On iTunes, though, one exerciser reviewed it, writing - and I quote - "I bought it yesterday, and I was running with it. I think it's totally cool. When I done my bodywork, I feel very laxative."

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