Monday, September 8, 2008

New, Free Raveonettes EP

Here's some press release:


Following the success of this year's critically adored album Lust Lust Lust, Danish noir-rock duo The Raveonettes today announce plans to release a series of digital only EPs on Vice Music. Not content to let time lapse between releases, the group is breaking the mold by dropping a series of four short form releases over the course of the next three months, leading off with a free remix EP today.

Though known primarily for their signature blend of lush melodies and over-the-top guitar noise, the EPs show off new, heretofore unknown creative angles of the group. Following today's remix EP will be Sometimes They Drop By on September 23, with electronics that indulge a deeper investment into the sampled beats and textures that have always lurked underneath their sound.

Two more EPs will follow on October 21 and November 25, the first further twisting the familiar Raveonettes' sound, and the last being an EP of Christmas songs done in a modern nostalgic way.

Today's free Remixed EP centers around three standout tracks from
Lust Lust Lust, presented in radically different new versions. Hypnotic Japanese electro producer 80KIDZ, Alec Empire-conspirator Nic Endo, and Danish DJ superstar Trentem√łeller reconstruct these now familiar songs into new shapes.

I'm amused by these, all of which do what they can to take the Jesus and Mary Chain out of the band. One reduces them Sharin Foo's coo to chopped stutters, one focuses on her deeply echoed voice, and one is all about Sune Rose Wagner's guitar. Now if only one track were beats and feedback. Then we'd be getting somewhere.

Tracklisting for today's three song free remix EP:
1. Dead Sound (80KIDZ remix)
2. Aly, Walk With Me (Nic Endo remix)
3. Lust (Trentem√łeller Remix)

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