Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Berlin Up To?

I'm trying to connect to Fisherspooner's Entertainment, but at its best, it's good second generation electropop ("The Best Revenge," "In a Modern World." The robo-beats amuse me, but not enough to put up with the forced or wince-worthy words ("We Are Electric," "Infidels of the World Unite"). When it's satisfied with its pop-ness, I'm with it. When titles such as "Supply & Demand" and overly urgent vocals dominate, the possibility that this might be intended to be meaningful at some level is offputting.

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Alex V. Cook said...

I always thought Fischerspooner read a whole lot better in Artforum than they ever sounded on disc.

I have my suspicions that Lady Gaga is a similar art as pop as art kind of project that turned profitable so they went with it.