Thursday, July 2, 2009

Notice Me

New Orleans "bounce" artist Kynt released this sad remix of "Off the Wall" as a "tribute" to Michael Jackson. I'd like to think that this is genuine but misguided tribute rather than an attempt to capitalize on the attention Jackson's music has received since his death. Whatever, listen for the point roughly two-and-a-half minutes in when you can hear Kynt run out of ideas with almost half the song left to go. Jackson deserves better, something more like "Michael Jackson Wit' It" by Monsta wit Da Fade. This is so exuberant and audacious as it takes "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough" and interpolates it into a storm of hyperactive triggerman beats, quick edits and the dance floor command, "Michael Jackson wit' it." The possibilities for what that could mean are endless - to do the Thriller zombie dance? The toe stand? The crotch grab? An en masse moonwalk?

Thanks to Alison Fensterstock for referring me to this.

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