Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 Cleva Bi 1/2

Yesterday I had to put on my hip-hop rebus-solving hat when a CD arrived by S-PYanage. It took a minute to realize his name is pronounced "Espionage," though on the CD he seems to refer to himself as "Spy," so I guess the name works two ways. On the cover, he has been photoshopped to loom like Godzilla over the Saenger Theatre pointing menacingly as people photoshopped into the foreground point at his package. The album's title is on his T-shirt: "Str8 2 Da" and an "I'm with Stupid" hand - "Straight to Da Point".

It's better than the cover would suggest, and the one genuinely surprising moment is "Off n dat wata," where water inevitably brings floodwaters to mind after Katrina and becomes a metaphor for trouble. The moment that's sadly predictable is "Tea Baggin," which is the inevitable "I'm such a freak in bed" song. SPY gets credit for not trying to be coy about the phrase unlike cable news talking heads, but it's still gross posturing as he's caught up in the visual image to have anything more to say.

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