Monday, May 28, 2012

This Week and More: May 28, 2012

Tonight, YACHT plays One Eyed Jacks. Here's a Spotify playlist with music from the week and more.
1. "The Doorway" - Pierced Arrows: Playing tonight at Siberia.
2. "Better Off Dead" - The Wipers: Classic and too often overlooked American punk from Portland.
3. "(I'm) Out of It" - The Nomads: Great Swedish garage punk (who I thought of because they do a great version of "Better Off Dead" on Powerstrip.
4. "Sixteen Saltines" - Jack White: from Blunderbuss. I have yet to pay attention much past this point in the album.
5. "E=MC2" (12" remix) - Big Audio Dynamite: From the second disc of the Legacy Edition of This is Big Audio Dynamite, which I skipped when it came out. Now I love how this version opens up the dubwise bass.
 6. "Freaking Out" - Toro Y Moi: Cool, contemporary/retro funk & the title track from last year's EP.
7. "Mama Used to Say" - Junior: Retro funk inspired by "Freaking Out."
8. "Banana Ripple" - Junior Boys: I have a soft spot for this electropop duo since they're from Hamilton, Ontario, where I lived for 10-plus years. But not while they were together.
9. "I'll Be Your Mirror" - YACHT: Playing One Eyed Jacks tonight.
10. "Ne Dis Pas (Girl Don't Tell Me)" - Souvenir: A lovely French Beach Boys cover from Caroline Now, an album of well-chosen Beach Boys covers including "I Wanna Pick You Up" by Alex Chilton.
11. "Credit in the Straight World" - Young Marble Giants: An obsession when I DJ'ed at CFMU in Hamilton.
12. "Listen to My Heels" - Theresa Andersson. From her new Street Parade album, which is really smart and more playful than is immediately obvious.
13. "Wild" - Beach House: Each time I listen to a track or three from Bloom, I think I need to spend more time with this album.
14. "Hold Me Close" - Flux Pavilion: Playing the Republic Wednesday.
15. Step - Kid Sister w/ Estelle: People loved or hated Kid Sister's Ultraviolet. The middle of the album gets thin for me, and I knew "Pro Nails" too well when the album came out to still get excited about it, but the first third of album's great fun.
16. "Ripe" - GIVERS: I wanted to see if I still like this album as much as I did when it came out. I do.
17. Aboulaguine Akaline - Bombino: A highlight from this year's Jazz Fest, along with Seun Kuti.
18. Too Many People - Paul McCartney: Maybe the first album I bought (Ram) and the first Fab Macca album on Spotify. I'm very pleasantly surprised at how good and eccentric it sounds.

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