Monday, June 2, 2008

Give in to your Worst Instincts

Sonic Youth is about to release Hits Are For Squares, a limited edition, Starbucks-only CD that collects songs from SY's storied history as chosen by celebrity friends and fans.

The premise has two drawbacks. One is that famous fans seem to like the same songs as everybody else, so there are few big surprises here. The stars also give the CD a Cool Kids Club vibe, as the band seems to surround itself with indie cinema heroes and musical peers who are all just too damned hip. Is a song any more noteworthy if Portia De Rossi or David Cross likes it? See below, enjoy a half-soy, half-skim decaf fair trade latte and enjoy the ambient self-satisfaction.


“Bull in the Heather” selected by Catherine Keener
“100%” selected by Mike D
“Sugar Kane” selected by Beck
“Kool Thing” selected by Radiohead
“Disappearer” selected by Portia De Rossi
“Superstar” selected by Diablo Cody
“Stones” selected by Allison Anders
“Tuff Gnarl” selected by Dave Eggers and Mike Watt
“Teenage Riot” selected by Eddie Vedder
“Shadow of a Doubt” selected by Michelle Williams
“Rain on Tin” selected by Flea
“Tom Violence” selected by Gus Van Zant
“Mary-Christ” selected by David Cross
“World Looks Red” selected by Chloe Sevigny
“Expressway to Yr Skull” selected by Flaming Lips
“Slow Revolution” exclusive new Sonic Youth recording

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