Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time Off

In the lull between the primaries and the conventions, I'm taking some time off from following politics too closely. When I have watched, I've just become depressed at the smears of Obama and his wife. Watching television reporters presenting McCain's newest position without mentioning how recently he held the opposite position - without any discussion of more obvious flip-flopping than anything Kerry did - makes me sad. I'm sure I'll get back to the news soon enough.

Here's a follow-up to this morning's post: After I felt fragile about whether or not McCain's reversals will get any attention, here's a story at Slate about exactly that:

"I think John McCain has exhibited the ongoing debate in his own campaign between John McCain and John McCain," said John Kerry, no doubt relishing the chance to tar a Republican with the brush that killed him. "You don't know what he means on torture, taxes, tolerance of Jerry Falwell, changed on drilling. Here you have a flip-flop by John McCain, flipping to the right and then flipping backward."

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