Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Good Use for Lists

I'm not into Year-End lists because I don't think in terms of lists, and as the raw amount of music, media outlets and listmakers have expanded, lists tell us less and less. Still, I'm fascinated by the year-end meditation at Pretty Goes with Pretty, where our writer has spent most of this week reflecting on his year's listening. There are lists, statistical analyses, personal trends and thoughts on the year and his own interests. I admire the obsessive self-interrogation and reflections on his personal perferences, even if I'm not that into the CDs he's crazy about. I like Fleet Foxes but can't go crazy for it, and Andrew Bird's output has generally had the fingerprints of serious, self-conscious artfulness, which ultimately seems akin to art/prog rock to me in the message it seems to convey, which is that rock is not enough.

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