Friday, January 23, 2009

Make a Better World to Live In

A follow-up to yesterday's thoughts on listening to music:

On my way in to work this morning, I had listened to a randomized mix disc I made of stuff in my iTunes, and I hit Holy Fuck's "Super Inuit" followed by Blackbeard's "Oohkno." I know dub is a specialized taste, and psychedelic krautrock from Toronto's even moreso, but those sounds and other non-jazz instrumentals join my world and make it more interesting, as opposed to lyric-oriented rock and pop, which generally take me out of my world. The disruption I experience trying to work to rock or pop isn't just a disruption caused by hooks; it's one caused by the music's intent to offer me another person's perspective on the world. If it's any good, it's designed to take me somewhere else - into someone else's head if nothing else. Dub, on the other hand, makes my world more psychedelic and more interesting.

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