Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rush Hours

How you feel about Rush's Snakes & Arrows Live (Zoe DVD) has a lot to do with how you feel about Rush. I'm indifferent, but it's all well executed and I'd never think anyone goofy for being into it or them. I was more entertained by the odd attempts at humor, many of which struck me as successful. The stage set includes a row of rotisseries roasting chickens, and a row of Barbie doll groupies are propped up in front of guitarist Alex Lifeson's effects pedal board. Why? Because. The DVD begins with Lifeson's head in a suitcase made up like Jambi from Pee-Wee's Playhouse. One of the extras is a short film with Geddy Lee as a Scotsman that gives the barest of contexts for the stage oddities. It's all very Canadian and good-natured, borrowing from Monty Python and SCTV. Friends here found the insertion of Cartman's voice into the New Orleans show offputting, but for a band that is as humorless as Rush is in its music, such self-deprecating gestures are welcome.

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Zack Smith said...

i agree...i have always been a huge Rush fan, and

...wait, wierd...that WORD VERIFICATION down there says...PRESTO (a very good Rush Album)

..anyway, that NOLA show was amazing..Rush are some funny dudes. They may sing about Temple of Syrinx and priests n Pubescent stereotypes, but they can't joke on themselves, and thats what its about.