Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something Not to Do

Antoinette K-Doe passed away Monday night of a heart attack after finishing her shift at the Mother-in-Law Lounge. Word traveled quickly the next morning as people got ready for Mardi Gras, though WWL-TV couldn't even include it in the news crawl beneath the happy chatter of morning television.

The downside of dying on Lundi Gras is that you don't get the dignified treatment you want (or that I want, anyway). I went to the Mother-in-Law and there were no flowers because there are no florists open on Mardi Gras. Many of the people drinking on her patio had no idea who Antoinette was or that she'd died. Two guys tried to figure out "the song that goes, 'My big chief likes to party down.'" Others were there to pay their respects (some in a slightly theatrical manner) while her best friends ran around trying to find the toilet tissue and keep the bar open.

My recent tribute to Antoinette, who really was a beautiful person.

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