Friday, October 3, 2008

The Breaking Point

There are any number of basic problems with the McCain candidacy starting with someone with 26 years of experience in Washington - most of it in the party in power - running as the outsider. But the moment last night when I had to stop my TV and yell (thanks to the miracle of DVR) came when Fargo Palin told Joe Biden that sometimes the government can't solve a problem; sometimes it is the problem. How can McCain and Palin seriously run for office when they view the office and the government as a bad, intrusive thing? The current financial crisis and the post-Katrina Gulf South illustrate the product of a government driven by a self-hating ideology.

One last thing - today the press is giving her credit for having better answers and a better command of the details than she did with Katie Couric. That was easy, but would she have done as well without her notes, which you could often see her refer to? Even with them, she got the name of the commander in Afghanistan wrong twice, and her vice presidential answer was one of a few that still had some Miss South Carolina in it.

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