Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stop Making Sense

Still at the PR 101, and a guy who I think is associated with Nas - no signage on the table - is telling people that they need to be real and realize that music might not be for them. He was advocating people having something fresh to say and/or have a back-up plan. Very sensible advice, but guys at a table to my left are shaking their heads. They and most of the room know their music is strong and the people who shouldn't be making music are somebody else. This isn't an R&B/hip-hop thing; when indie artists from around the country approach me about sending their CDs for review, I tell them only to do so if their musically absolutely kills because regional genre-based artists that don't travel beyond their region are low priorities for us. They all send their CDs anyway. And none of those CDs have killed.

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