Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everything Comes Down to Numbers

I'm not sure why this statistical breakdown of the requirements of Madonna's "Sticky and Sweet Tour" seems so appropriate. All spellings and notations are straight from the press release:

100,000 Feet of electrical cable
3,500 Individual wardrobe elements
1935 Model of Auburn Spedster Car brings Madonna and dancers down stage runway
600 Pieces of Luggage for Tour Members and production staff
350 Tons of Equipement Travel from Venue to Venue
120 Powder Puffs
100 Pairs of out-of-stock fishnet pantyhose in old-style weave purchased for Madonna via Ebay and small local dance shops
100 Pairs of Knee Pads
71 Guitars for Madonna and band on tour
36 Different designers contributed to onstage wardrobe of Madonna,
band and dancers
28 Performers on stage during biggest numbers
16 Caterers prepare meals for travelling party
12 Travelling trampolines used by Madonna and dancers for warm-ups
10 Large Flight Cases of Medical Supplies
9 Different hydraulic lifts used as part of the stage show
5 People change Madonna in precision timing in between songs (lucky them)
5 Keyboards on stage for Kevin Antunes, Musical Director
4 Large freezers carry ice packs for Madonna and dancers
4 YSL Lipsticks will be used by Madonna by end of tour
4 Minutes to Save the World (we only got)
3 Romanian Gypsy Musicians perform with acoustic instruments
3 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers travel on tour
1.5 Minutes - Shortest time required to change Madonna's costume
1 Chiropractor
1 Masseuse
1 Set of Swarovski crystal ear phones for DJ
1 Playroom for Madonna's children at each venue

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